An African wildlife refuge strapped a GoPro to a rhino and let us see his day

rhino gopro

Screengrab via Working With Rhinos/YouTube

A lot of eating, sleeping, and more eating.

GoPro cameras have put us in the shoes of skydivers and toddlers, and now they’re letting us spend a day in the hooves of a rhinoceros.

Thor the rhino was just two weeks old when his mother was killed for her horn. He now lives at Care for Wild Africa, the largest rhino orphanage in the world. The staffers at the reservation strapped a GoPro onto Thor to show us an average day in his life. It involves group naps, snacking on mango leaves, and even more napping. Life doesn’t sound so bad for this dude. 

Care for Wild Africa also points out that more than 3,750 rhinos have been poached in South Africa since 2013. We’re glad Thor is safe, but if the rhino species continues to dwindle, we won’t be able to see how these majestic animals go about their lives.

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