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Smoking husband who promised to quit caught by Google View

It’s probably just best to run and hide when you see the Google Street View Car.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

Looking at your house on Google View is usually a good time. You might see the old car you sold two months ago, or you might get a glimpse of the bike that was stolen from your front porch. In fact, looking at my own house at this very moment, I can determine that it was a crisp fall day with red leaves on the trees and that I had left 13 bags of lawn clippings by the curb.

So, all that’s cool.

You know what wouldn’t be cool? The Google Street View Car catching you sneaking a cigarette after you’ve told your wife you’ve given up the habit because of your recent heart attack.

As the Telegraph explained, Julie Ryding, who lives near Liverpool, England, was suspicious that her husband wasn’t sticking to his diet when she discovered cookie wrappers in his car.

More from the Telegraph: “After hearing the Street View car had been round, she checked their street—only to find her husband Donald, 58, smoking on the drive. Mrs Ryding, 50, said: ‘You can’t believe the trouble he caused that day. He still smokes, but he has cut down.’”

Here’s that revealing photo, via Google Street View and the Telegraph.

So, what’s worse? Your wife catching you smoking thanks to Google view, Google showing your cleavage, or you pretending to kill somebody with an ax as the Google Car comes revving down the street?

All of them are not so good. But if you live by the axiom “Happy Wife = Happy Life,” Donald Ryding has probably put himself in the worst position of anybody thanks to Google.

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