God of War

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God of War might be PlayStation’s most promising new game

God of War is coming, and it looks incredible.


Nahila Bonfiglio

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The newest addition to the God of War franchise looks absolutely amazing, and not just because of its breathtaking graphics and enchanting setting. The upcoming release looks to have a depth of emotion and character interaction that none of its predecessors can similarly boast.

Anyone who has played God of War knows it for its brutal battles and epic characters. The games’ protagonist, Kratos, was unmistakable in his all-consuming rage as he cut a bloody swath through the game’s alternate version of ancient Greece in the first several installments of the franchise.

The 2018 release, however, looks to be aspiring to greater heights. Not only do the action sequences look just as chaotically delicious as we have come to expect, but the addition of Kratos’ son and their somewhat uncertain relationship hints at much deeper levels to the story.

The trailer above begins by teasing viewers with graphics so crisp you feel like you can reach out and touch the back of Kratos’ cloak. Rather than spend its entire length showcasing how good an absurd amount of blood can look flying in high fidelity, the trailer takes the time to hint at a multi-leveled story that could pull on our heartstrings throughout.

We know this hardened warrior for his wanton disregard for life—whether that life belongs to man, creature, or god—but never have we known him for his interesting personality. This game hints at a shift in Kratos’ core character, as he will need to master his familiar rage in order to teach his son to survive in the treacherous world they face.

Another change we can observe in this trailer is that the creators have broken away from their previous releases by shifting from Greek mythology into Norse myth. These changes, combined with the epic fights that we have come to expect, are sure to make for an incredible game.

Even with all of these bite-size reveals, there are plenty of unanswered questions about this release. One thing we do know: it comes out early next year, and it can’t come fast enough.

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