Giant alligator casually strolls around Florida golf course

giant alligator

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Just let him play through.

Oh, don’t mind him, he’s just a ginormous alligator making his way down to the lagoon for some relaxation, really no big deal at all. 

Except for the fact that this beast could probably rip you to shreds with just a bite or two. Charlie Helms spotted the gator at Buffalo Creek Golf Club as it was just strolling on over to the lake next to the third hole. 

The sight of the behemoth had the Helms doubting if it was even real, at one point wondering out loud whether or not it was just two dudes in an animal suit. Looks like the gator didn’t mind the attention from the guys—it was more concerned with getting out of the heat and taking a swim. 

According to 3 News, the goliath gator is actually pretty well-known in these parts, and he typically just minds his own business.

And even though we trust that this amphibian means no harm as long as we stay out of it’s way, most of us would understandably be all, “later gator,” and jump into our golf cart for a speedy getaway. 

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