The ‘Four-Generations Challenge’ is the cutest meme of 2019


We are less than a week into 2019 and the cutest meme of the year may have already been bestowed upon us. Thank you, China. The meme challenge called “Four Generations in One Room” or the “Four Generations Challenge” is taking over Douyin, (aka TikTok in Chinese). Just as it sounds, four generations of family members appear one after the other.

From youngest to oldest each family members file into a room calling out for their dad. As each dad is called in he says “hey” and calls for the next. The same for moms.

Four generations

Four generations

Posted by Shanghaiist on Thursday, January 3, 2019

The results? Possibly the cutest family videos ever.

And social media is obsessed. People love how pure and wholesome it is. Plus, it’s pretty incredible to see four generations of people in the same space. 

China has had several meme challenges light up the internet recently. In October of 2018, the “Flaunt Your Wealth” challenge blew up. It featured people casually falling out of luxury cars or tripping on the street, with all their luxury goods flying out of their hands around them.

The trend ended up going viral all over the world.

Hopefully, the four-generation challenge will make its way to the U.S. ASAP because this is the kind of wholesome energy we’re trying to bring into 2019.

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