Dad nearly drops baby lunging for foul ball as horrified mom looks on

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When a fan needs to catch a foul ball at the old ballgame, everything else becomes a second priority. Got a beer in your hands? Drop it, a potential souvenir is coming your way. Eating a delicious hoagie? Drop it, you’ve got a big-time catch to make. Talking on your cell phone? Drop it, you can call that person back and explain how awesome you are after the whole stadium applauds your athleticism.

Got a baby in your arms? Eh, maybe you should rethink your priorities about that damn foul ball.

But for the dude in the video below, holding a baby is clearly his second priority when the rock hard baseball zoomed his way at Thursday’s Los Angeles Dodgers game. Even worse for the guy, the woman next to him (presumably the baby’s mother and the dude’s wife) is right there watching the whole thing.

Unfortunately for the guy in the video, he doesn’t receive the same kind of universal applause as this hero from two years ago who caught a foul ball while still feeding his baby.

Instead, this guy, who immediately has to begin explaining his actions to his wife, will have a long car ride home with a mother who probably questions his fathering abilities. But at least he got some plaudits from some of the people around him. And hey, a foul ball is a pretty cool keepsake.

He can admire it as he tries to fall asleep on the couch for the next month.

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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