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These foot peel masks will hold you over until your next pedi

Get summer-ready feet without leaving the house.


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Posted on Jun 9, 2020   Updated on Jan 27, 2021, 4:38 am CST

Should you and you family have chosen to continue to shelter in place (because Covid-19 is not over despite how many people are pretending like it is), you’re probably missing simple self-care things like haircuts and pedicures. And as the owner of some very sad-looking feet right now, trust me, I get it.

To cope with rolling into summer without a pedicure, some people have chosen an option which has long been a fave of Korean beauty enthusiasts: the foot peel mask. They come in a pack just like a sheet mask, and you slide your feet in, wait an hour, and then remove them. Over the next week, all the dead skin will naturally start to peel away. Yes, they’ll look kind of scary in the process, but when it’s all done you’ll have baby-soft feet. And considering it’s flip-flop season, most people are gonna want that.

These foot peel masks got so popular that you can now find them much more easily (they are often right next to the sheet masks in bargain shops like Marshalls and TJ Maxx). But if you’re still avoiding retail shopping, check out our picks for the most effective foot peel masks below.

The top 5 foot peel masks

1) Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

Baby Foot is the original foot peel, made all the way back in 1997. These lavender-scented booties have a lovely fragrance and definitely do what they promise, although they are more costly than some of the other options on this list. I personally prefer these as I feel they work the most efficiently of all the ones I’ve tried. Besides they’re still cheaper than an IRL pedicure.

Price on Amazon: $25

2) Etude House BeBe Foot Mask

If $25 for a foot mask is too rich for your blood, I recommend this BeBe one from the folks at Etude House. Etude is known as a skincare brand for a younger consumer in the K-beauty scene, but luckily that doesn’t matter much when it comes to feet. This one contains AHAs and hyaluronic acid, which are both must-haves in my usual skincare routine, so I was happy to see them in use for a foot product too. These can be used once a month, so it just might be a good time to stock up.

Price on Amazon: $12

3)Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid

While the phrase “shiny foot” makes me giggle, I have to admit that this foot peel mask does make your feet look shiny and new. This one also comes packed with a little container of foot cream to use after you are finished with the mask. While some of the others on the list get the dead skin off pretty quick, I noticed this one takes a little bit longer, but as long as you don’t need to wear sandals in public anytime soon, it won’t really matter.

Price on Amazon: $12.50

4)KOCOSTAR Foot Peeling Pack

In Body Image

Kocostar makes one of the best nail treatments I’ve ever used, so I was really excited to see it also made a foot peeling pack. It’s also a terrific product, so I’m pretty much a Kocostar fan for life at this point. Like the others on this list, you may need to wait a week before you start to see the peeling magic begin, but once it does, soft feet await you!

Price on Amazon: $10

5)Aliceva Foot Peel Mask

If you’d like to buy more than one foot peel mask, this pack is a good choice. Amazon also currently offers a 5% coupon on them as well. It’s also a unisex product, so it’s not just for women to use. Self-care for men is a thing too, gents. Pop a pair on, grab a good book, and enjoy the indulgence of taking care of yourself. You deserve it!

Price on Amazon: $21.95 (before coupon)

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*First Published: Jun 9, 2020, 9:56 am CDT