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Flight attendant struggles to contain escaped cat on airplane

Hey, at least it wasn’t motherf***ing snakes on the plane.


Josh Katzowitz

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Flight attendants are the nice people who keep an airplane orderly, give you (or force you to pay for) small snacks and beverages, and smilingly (although perhaps condescendingly) show you how to insert one end of the seatbelt into the other end.

And in order to work this job, according to at least one airline, one needs to have the ability to work at an altitude of 8,000 feet, direct passengers during an emergency situation, help stow luggage, and project and maintain a positive attitude at all times.

Sadly, nobody said anything about cat wrangling, which might explain why this flight attendant seems so pissed. A cat is loose on a plane, the owner is nowhere to be found, and this woman is the only person standing in the way of the feline invading the cockpit, taking over the flight, and setting a course for the Fish Islands.

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Luckily, the cat’s owner, seemingly clueless that the devilishly clever pet had escaped from its carrier, eventually came forward to claim it, allowing the frustrated flight attendant to resume normal duties. 

And while an escaped cat hellbent on stalking around the airplane is an annoyance, it could have been worse. At least this cat didn’t cowardly take down a toddler. And, like most animals, it’s still better than a snake.  

Photo via Malfet_/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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