Self-proclaimed ‘idiot’ eats flaming cactus in the, wait for it, #FlamingCactusChallenge

Flaming Cactus Challenge

Screengrab via Baddy 3shoez/YouTube

Don’t try this at home. Seriously.

It’s not uncommon to see teens “doing it for the vine” or falling for a dumb viral #hashtag trend. But it’s not every day you see a grown-ass adult make the same mistake.

A self-proclaimed idiot filmed himself doing what he called the #FlamingCactusChallenge, which is exactly what it sounds like, only worse. It’s clear from the video that no one actually challenged him to do this, and he doesn’t expect others to follow suit. In fact, he starts the clip by saying, “I assume no responsibility if you’re dumb enough to try this yourself.” 

While the video hasn’t quite gone viral on YouTube, it’s received over a million views on Imgur. Seizing the moment for all it’s worth, the dude hopped on Reddit for AMA, where he provided the deep, philosophical motivation behind his stunt: “I thought it would be funny.” 

To be honest, I’d rather eat a flaming cactus than drink Busch beer out of that dude’s old New Balance shoes, but you do you. 

As for his next venture, he knows the clock is ticking on his 15 minutes of fame. He needs to plot his next move quickly. 

As he wrote on Reddit, “I need to top it and i need to do it very soon haha.”

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