Vodka-chugging Norwegian man loves snow more than life itself

Winter is coming, and no one is more excited about it than this deranged dude in Norway

Tor Eckhoff, a 50-something factory worker living in Vestfold county in Norway, released this third annual video commemorating “the first snow” over the weekend. Wearing only skimpy shorts, he makes a snow angel of sorts, hugs a tree, and uses a chainsaw to cut into a frozen bathtub so he can take a dip. He’s basically a White Walker

Eckhoff’s YouTube account confirms that he’s “drinking real vodka in the videos”—and that he’s totally out of his mind. His profile photo is a bloody mugshot from 1990, when he needed a few stitches after a diving accident, and his account is littered with wild videos of him literally skating on thin ice, taking Polar Bear swims, and chugging more bottles of booze than all seven seasons of Mad Men combined. 

“I have always had a thing for cold water,” Eckhoff, who says he’s never been approached by the vodka company featured in the video, told the Daily Dot.

“When you are ice swimming or messing around almost naked in the snow, you have a limited amount of time before you get too cold. During that time you just have to handle the cold mentally.”

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Austin Powell

Austin Powell

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