Jennifer Lawrence in 'mother!'

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These stories of people disgusted by ‘mother!’ are great

Audiences bond over their hatred of the film.


Tiffany Kelly

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Darren Aronofsky’s new film mother! is polarizing. There are critics who call it a work of genius, and others who call it a mess. And, like any artsy, surreal film, it’s pissing off, and confusing, audiences. The film received the rare “F” score on CinemaScore. So how exactly did filmgoers react to Aronofsky’s latest? Film critic Matt Singer is tweeting out some of the audience reactions that people posted on his mother! review on the social film site Letterboxd.

He started posting the reactions over the weekend and is continually adding new entries to the thread.

There are a lot of reports of people leaving mother! early, but this story is one of the best.

This one sounds like a weird reality show.

This person, who apparently liked the film, understood why people left early.

This woman might be Aronofsky’s ideal audience member.

No one left this theater early, but people still disliked the film.

Basically, if you overhear someone talking about a terrible film, there’s a good chance that it’s mother!

When you see a film that your friend picked…

If these reactions just make you want to see the film, then Aronofsky’s plan is working.

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