Bernie Sanders-inspired sign calls for STD testing

Whether or not you feel the Bern, if you’re feeling the burn in your nether regions you best get that checked out by a medical professional.

An image posted to the r/Donald subreddit on Wednesday shows a billboard in Los Angeles that’s taken some creative liberties with the popular pro-Bernie Sanders tagline, “Feel the Bern.” But instead of reading “Bern,” it’s “Burn.”

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The billboard also provides a link to the freeSTDcheck website, where people can find a local STD testing center by inputting their city or zip code.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the organization behind the billboard, writing on its website that the campaign “encourages people experiencing painful symptoms to get tested for possible STDs.” There will be four “Feel the Burn” billboards erected all over Los Angeles.

People have also spotted the sign and posted their own pics of it to the Internet.

One Reddit user points out that according to street view on Google Maps, the billboard read “Syphilis is Serious” back in June. And this isn’t the first time that the organization has used the latest lingo to bring awareness to STD testing. showcases a “Get Tested and Chill” banner right after the “Feel the Burn” one. 

Photo via pitofpity/Imgur

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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