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This video will help you understand the terrible guys of Tinder

A young woman walks us through the Internet’s perilous types of suitors.


Marisa Kabas

Internet Culture

Any woman who’s used Tinder understands that after a while patterns begin to develop. It can feel as though you’re meeting the same guy over and over again, even if he has a slightly different job, or a completely different ethnicity.

Michelle Markowitz captures this comical monotony in “Every Guy You Meet on Tinder (in Under Three Minutes).”

Markowitz told the Daily Dot, “They were all definitely partially based on experiences I’ve had, and my friends have had, and that my cowriter David Ross imagined happens to women on Tinder.”

But before you go throwing a benefit for her, she assured us it hasn’t been all whiskey snobs and foot fetishists. “I’ve also met really great, funny guys on Tinder, too, but those aren’t as fun to make videos about.”

Illustration by Jason Reed

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