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Evan Rachel Wood details Marilyn Manson’s anti-Semitism and racism

Wood says Manson drew swastikas and freely used the N-word during their relationship.


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Published Feb 5, 2021   Updated Feb 5, 2021, 11:42 am CST

Evan Rachel Wood has posted more allegations about former partner Marilyn Manson, stating on Instagram that he drew “swastikas over my bedside table when he was mad at me.”

Wood, whose mother converted to Judaism and raised her in the faith, alleged that Manson liked that she wasn’t “blood Jewish” and that he used the N-word “over and over.” She documented several of Manson’s tattoos on her Instagram stories, which she says he did not have when they started dating. One appears to show a swastika inside a cross.

On Monday, Wood, along with four other women, accused Manson of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Manson denied the allegations, but he was subsequently dropped from his label and his roles on American Gods and Shudder’s Creepshow.

In the week since, more women have detailed similar abuse and grooming by Manson. Trent Reznor attempted to distance himself from the singer, after a graphic account of sexual assault from Manson’s 1998 memoir was recirculated; ex-wife Dita Von Teese also posted a statement, claiming her experience with Manson didn’t “match” other accounts, but she added that “Abuse of any kind has no place in any relationship.”

On Thursday, musician Phoebe Bridgers related a story about going to Manson’s house when she was a teenager and him referring to his “rape room.”


Other accounts back up Wood’s claims of anti-Semitism and racism. Ashley Lindsay Morgan, who is Jewish, claimed he asked her to bring Nazi paraphernalia back with her from Thailand when they were dating. Another woman, who met Manson in 2015, said he “knew that my relatives are black and that I too share that DNA and would make fun of my race.” Actress Charlyne Yi referenced her own experience with Manson, which she detailed on Twitter in 2018: During the final season of House he visited the set, “harassed just about every woman,” and called Yi a “China man.” In 2007, a bandmate sued Manson for allegedly using earnings to buy Nazi paraphernalia.

Wood has been using Instagram not only to detail allegations about Manson, but also to instruct other survivors of abuse on how to file a police report against him, as well as addressing abuser behavior and victim-blaming tactics.

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*First Published: Feb 5, 2021, 11:41 am CST