‘Cheap bastard’ Eric Trump stole lemonade from a Vegas In-N-Out

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Photo via xwnklmnx / Twitter Remix by Jason Reed

Does that make him smart?

The Trump family sure enjoyed their trip to Las Vegas for the final presidential debate. Rejected Voldemort prototype Eric Trump decided to take a day and enjoy the sights and sounds of Sin City.

But all that idle sitting while watching his father fuck with a microphone on Wednesday night sure helped Eric work up an appetite. So he headed to the In-N-Out near the strip and got to chowing down.


Eric’s got the social media presence of a wet Valpack gathering mold in a mailbox, so his wife shared their little adventure. And so did a fan.

It’s unclear what the Trumps ordered, but it sure as hell looks like Eric stole some of In-N-Out’s signature lemonade like a conspicuous asshole. In-N-Out’s branding is unmistakeable, to the point that even CSI has mocked it up for its Vegas iteration. Hell, CSI has even namedropped In-N-Out. The only shit they’re serving in a clear plastic cup is good ol’ H2O.

We all know what you’re doing, Eric. Cheap bastard

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