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‘Finally my coffee will be right’: Customer makes her own coffee order at self-serve Dunkin’ Express

‘I need this where I’m at. Dunkin’ always messing up my drink.’


Jack Alban

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A Dunkin’ Donuts customer recently shared their love for the brand’s self-serve section at its Express locations, which allows patrons to make their own beverages, in a viral TikTok video.

User Jasmin (@jassyjas100) showed one of the locations off in a clip that raked in over 33,000 likes and hundreds of comments, many of which indicated that they would want an Express near them and would prefer to make their drinks themselves.

@jassyjas100 Have you ? I love it here ✨ #dounkindonuts #dunkinexpress #dunkindonutsicedcoffee ♬ original sound – Jasmin

“Have you ever seen a Dunkin’ express?” Jasmin begins, showing the exterior of a Dunkin’ Express location. The clip then transitions to the TikToker walking through self-serve kiosks of the store, which features a variety of different cup sizes and coffee machines where folks can tune their coffee to their liking.

There’s also a caddy filled with the donut and coffee chain’s trademark flavored syrups. Jasmin makes her iced coffee with caramel and chocolate caramel syrup, fills it with ice, and then pays for it. The clip ends with Jasmin recording herself taking a sip of the beverage while looking into the camera.

Not all Dunkin’ Express stores feature this same self-serve setup. Many of them are small kiosks located in areas with heavy foot traffic, like train stations and airports, and usually feature some of the franchise’s more popular items. There’s usually no dedicated seating area like in other Dunkin’ locations.

However, the Express location that Jasmin featured in her TikTok takes this same Dunkin’ minimalist philosophy but adds the benefit of being able to craft your own beverage just to your liking. According to Best Coffee Recipes, the donuts there are also replaced every single hour. These can usually be found on gas station service areas along the highway, so if you wanted to a quick pick-me-up while on a road trip or a long commute, you can pop in and bypass the line for some caffeine and maybe pick yourself up a Boston Cream while you’re at it.

The site also suggests using Dunkin’ Donuts’ store locator to specifically find an Express location, as they aren’t always easy to find.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dunkin’ Donuts via email and Jasmin via TikTok comment for further information.

Commenters tagged Dunkin’ on TikTok, telling the brand that they want more of these locations. “We want the Dunkin express’s everywhere!!!!!!” one user said. Another remarked, “I need this where I’m at . Dunkin always messing up my drink.”

However, some said that if they saw the bottles of syrup just chilling in the caddy unattended, then they would take full advantage and bring one home. “They just leaving the syrups out like that?? I’m about to take one of those home with me lmao,” one commenter joked.

But it appeared that there were a lot of folks who would actually prefer to make their own coffee with Dunkin’ Donuts’ ingredients rather than leave it up to someone behind the counter.

“Bro?? If I could make my own Dunkin coffee maybe it would actually taste good,” one user wrote.

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