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Hungry dude stacks 10 McRib sandwiches for ultimate McRib experience

Equal parts delicious and disgusting.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

After the chicken nugget, the McRib might be the most controversial fast-food item on the market. One could argue for days about whether the McRib is delicious or a debacle, whether it’s real food or a combination of chemicals that only imitates real food (apparently, it’s made of pig, water, dextrose, and preservatives), and whether it’s kosher for McDonald’s to continue to sell a pork patty shaped like a miniature boneless rack of ribs.

When the sandwich was rereleased for the umpteenth time in September, only about 55 percent of McDonald’s actually decided to carry it, and this lone essential webpage, the McRib Locator, lets fans know exactly where the sandwich has been spotted (of the five McDonald’s closest to me at this exact moment, only one is currently carrying the pork creation).

But you know who hasn’t had a difficult time finding the McRib? This dude, who is way too excited about the sandwich making its return. He’s also inordinately pumped that the packaging looks the same as before! To celebrate his tremendous luck, he combines 10 McRibs to make a Super McRib that reminded us of something you’d find at Taco Town.

If you can get past all the pornographic moaning and the talking-while-masticating, YouTuber LtMkilla‘s feat is innovative and, if he actually finished the sandwich, impressive. But overall, this wasn’t necessary, and even LtMkilla seems to realize this as he’s assembling his creation.

“[The McRib] is only around every so often,” he growls. “If it was here every day, I wouldn’t have to do things like this. But it’s not here every day, McDonald’s, and you make me do this!”

No matter what you think about the McRib, one thing seems certain: It’s doubtful that Burger King will have any interest in combining forces on this sandwich.

H/T Death and Taxes | Screengrab via LtMkilla/YouTube

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