Drink Girly mom says her daughter has become a Drink Girly too

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‘Should we go get Sonic? Should we go get Starbucks?’: Drink Girly mom says her daughter has become a Drink Girly too

‘I unintentionally made her a drink girly.’


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Posted on Sep 1, 2023

A mother recently went viral when she shared a truth she learned about being a Drink Girly—your children will become Drink Girlies too.

TikToker Katarina (@katarinastrode) films the warm-hearted clip while sitting at Sonic with her daughter. Viewed over 949,000 times as of publication, the video sparked a chord with mothers and drink girlies alike.

Katarina films her video while sitting in her car at Sonic after running errands with her daughter.

“This is just a quick PSA to all the drink girlies out here that if you become a mother, you will inevitably have a drink kid as well,” she says, sliding a straw into her daughter’s drink. “… Every single time I leave the house now my daughter says, “are we stopping to get a drink?”

@katarinastrode My son is also a drink girly he just isnt with us 😂😂 #drinkgirl #drinkgirlsyndrome #drinkgirly #sonic #starbucks #mom #momlife ♬ original sound – Katarina

“I unintentionally made her a drink girly,” she adds handing the drink back to her daughter who takes the cup with a “thank you”.

Viewers loved the brief story with many sharing how their children are also drink kids.

“My son – ‘Mom how do you feel about getting a boba today?'” one mother said.

“I call this excellent parenting! And you are spot on. My mom was a drink girlie, I’m a drink girlie, and my daughter is a drink girlie,” another added.

“I only have sons but they are also drink girlies,” a third added.

Others shared how their own parents created drink girlies.

The Daily Dot reached out to Katarina and Subway via email for further information.

“Not even unintentional, my mum always bought us drinks leaving the grocery store cause SHE needed a drink. She can’t go an hour without one I swear,” a user shared.

“Both my parents are drink girlies I couldn’t avoid the inevitable,” a second person added.

Even Sonic hopped into the comments to applaud the next generation of drink girlies: “We are drink girlies because of the generations of drink girlies before us.”

Being a Drink Girly can be a fun and relatively inexpensive way to treat yourself by creating small pauses throughout the day. Some argue that by creating a regimen of small treats everyday, people are not only re-energized, but form good habits that increase self-confidence.

There are benefits to passing this tradition to the next generation. Regularly grabbing drinks creates one-on-one time between children and their parents. It’s also a quick and easy way to make a parent-child ritual while running errands. For all these reasons, perhaps we should all stop for drinks next time we’re out.

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*First Published: Sep 1, 2023, 12:12 am CDT