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Photo via Kellyanne Conway/Twitter

Kellyanne Conway and Trump’s ‘Working Hard’ photo hilariously backfires

What’s on Trump’s computer?


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

President-elect Donald Trump and his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, are getting down to business. There are cabinet members to nominate, angry teens to retweet, and flag burners to threaten. But what are these two perusing at the laptop in the poorly lit office, as Conway smiles and Trump looks vaguely confused? 

You better believe the internet has some ideas. This photo is a gift to prankster meme-fans everywhere. 

Two important facts about Trump and computer use are: that Trump is rarely ever seen with a computer, and when he does have access to one, in the form of a smartphone, he uses it to troll Twitter. Easy jokes abound.

Trump also claimed, early in 2016, that he would boycott Apple due to its commitment to protecting citizens’ information from the U.S. government. Less than a year later, he’s using—or at least posing with—a MacBook. This seeming flip-flop has not escaped his critics.

And then there are the cracks about Trump’s perceived incompetence, egotism, and general lack of preparation for the presidency. There are hundreds of them.

A couple of very long years ago, it was unfathomable to imagine a president of the United States who gleefully engaged in Twitter arguments and courted the support of angry online eggs, but here we are. 

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