Twitter #DominateMeIn4Words trend

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This trending Twitter hashtag is a lot less sexy than you think

In fact, it’s trending in the food section on Twitter.


Brooke Sjoberg

Internet Culture

The tag #DominateMeIn4Words is trending on Twitter, and it’s way less sexy than it sounds.

“Fun size Tide Pods,” “Biscuits baked from scratch,” and “Andrew Yang‘s Freedom Dividend” are some of the more creative entries in the tag.

While some users took the tag in a more playful direction, others interpreted it as an opportunity to express more sexual messages.

Honorable mentions include: “Take your clothes off,” and “pick up my prescriptions beotch.”

#DominateMeIn4Words trended under the “food” category, which is unsurprising since most of the entries included food, such as “feed me tacos,” or “threaten to withhold bacon.”

Still, plenty of users were more than a little confused about the categorization of the tag.

“Go home Twitter, you’re drunk as a skunk,” Twitter user @lucky_cat17 wrote.

At some point, the tag became about “dominating” in terms of game or sport. Enter: the Yu-Gi-Oh! fans who tweeted, “Exodia the forbidden one,” and “Blue Eyes White Dragon.” Iconic.

Of course, there’s always plenty of room for memes with the #DominateMeIn4Words hashtag. “It’s free real estate” was repeated ad infinitum.


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