These dogs in fancy sweaters have Twitter riffing on snobby elites


I say, internet, take a gander at these peculiar specimens. What you’re looking at below is a pair of hortaya borzayas (which, let’s be honest, sounds either really fake or exactly the breed you’d get if you were filthy rich) wearing fancy full-body turtleneck dog sweaters.

The picture was originally posted by Twitter user @sindivanzyl, who cracked her own joke at the snug dogs’ expense.

And like a pair of vaguely greyhound-ish dogs, Twitter users were off to the races with their own jokes.

The dogs have become an easy way to crack jokes at the kind of upper-crust elites who you might see dressing up their animals in sweaters that cost more than the average human outfit. 

Of course, the dogs could just as easily be Instagram influencers.

Or supervillains.

Or royalty.

Or maybe they’re just jerks (just kidding, all dogs are good).

Let’s not forget about the smaller pup hiding in the back, wearing a similarly fancy white sweater.

The dogs even evoked insecurity in some users; even after dunking on these glam pups in their fancy sweaters, we’re all still just schlubby plebes.

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Joseph Knoop

Joseph Knoop

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