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A dog and a laser pointer make the world’s best alarm clock

Lasers are no longer just a tool for our entertainment.


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

When your loved ones just can’t seem to wake up in the morning, you must resort to extreme measures—like bringing in the husky.

One woman employed her dog to wake up her boyfriend. Instead of just letting him in or mentioning the word “walk,” she used a tool more commonly associated with cats to guarantee that he won’t try to snooze. If you don’t own a dog and your cat goes nuts with the laser pointer, you probably could substitute it in.

It’s hilarious or cruel, depending on which side of the blanket you’re on, but you can’t argue with its effectiveness.

As he lays there under constant attack from his dog, this guy is probably already plotting his revenge.

H/T Tastefully Offensive | Photo via Jeffery Bennett/Flickr

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