Ditto as Electrode brings wholesome Pokémon content to Twitter

One seriously adorable Pokémon plush toy called Ditto as Electrode is making the rounds on Twitter, and the internet can’t get enough of its daily life.

The protagonist of the account, @ditto_electrode, is a plush of the Pokémon Ditto posing as an Electrode, or the next evolutionary stage of the Electric-type monster Voltorb. The little dude has a small, joyful smile.

The Twitter account posts delightful pictures of Ditto as Electrode going about daily activities, be it eating apple slices and nachos or going on a car ride. The brainchild of @pppr_splat, it’s all far too cute for words—and exactly the kind of wholesome, joyful content we need more of in these trying times.

Ditto is a Pokémon known for its “Transform” ability, which lets it morph into just about anything it desires. It can even breed with any Pokémon it wishes, so you can use it in the Pokémon games to produce Eggs or to just copy your opponents’ abilities. Normally, Ditto looks like a big pink wad of bubble gum. It also has a signature friendly (some might say vacant) smile on its face.

As it turns out, Ditto as Electrode lends itself incredibly well to these series of snaps.

The internet, understandably, just can’t get enough of the photos.


Ditto as Electrode has even gotten its own fair share of fan art from the many, many Twitter denizens who are absolutely in love with the account. It’s truly hard to look away from its little face.

Ditto as Electrode is what the internet needs right now, and you can even get your own if you want to join in on the fun.

The official Ditto as Electrode Plush is available via The Pokémon Company, and it’ll only cost you $14.99 to start photographing your own wholesome adventures. There are other Pokémon available if you’re not an Electrode person, so what the heck? Maybe just buy one of each for good measure.

Brittany Vincent

Brittany Vincent

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