Someone is holding Disneyland ransom with photos of a rat in their restaurant


Disneyland has been a family-friendly attraction and staple of Southern California for over half a century—including, turns out, for rats. One patron noticed a particularly bold rodent scurrying through one of the theme park’s restaurants on Tuesday.

Rarely do these pests get photographed. They’re the stuff of Reddit AMAs and rumor and not publicly acknowledged by Disney.

That’s why Hannah wants Disney to pay up. Those rats need to come out of the dark and into the light—and fund her college tuition. It’s not like hush money’s going to get rid of the real problem, but Disney certainly has cash to spare. 

Dig those goofy gloved hands into your bullshit pockets and pay up, Mickey.

April Siese

April Siese

A former Weekend Editor at the Daily Dot, April Siese's reporting covers everything from technology and politics to web culture and humor. Her work has been published by Bustle, Uproxx, Death and Taxes, Rolling Stone, the Daily Beast, Thrillist, Atlas Obscura, and others. Siese joined Quartz in December 2016.