Stud in T-rex costume demolishes the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ course

trex american ninja warrior

Screengrab via NBCNinjaWarrior/Facebook

It’s an event 65 million years in the making.

One of the internet’s latest crazes is The T-rex costume is one of the internet’s latest crazes. It was only time before someone tried tackling American Ninja Course while in one of the dinosaur suits.

As the announcer proclaims, this event was “65 million years in the making!”

People online have been going gaga over the T-rex demolishing the course, getting much further than other hopefuls that have braved the test of strength and agility. Even with that huge head and those short arms, the carnivore floats from trial to trial, and the audience totally loves it. 

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 The man inside the suit is Reko Rivera, who has previously attempted the American Ninja Course. We caught wind of Rivera’s training in October 2015 when video surfaced of him training again—that time in a T-rex costume. All the practice looks like it paid off.

Rivera might not have made it to the end, but we’re sure he did much better than a velociraptor would’ve done. 

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