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Screengrab via RandomMakingMovies/YouTube

Swedish dudes record ‘D**ks Out for Harambe’ in the style of Backstreet Boys

He was our fire, our one desire. #RIPHarambe.


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

Harambe, the ape who died and the meme that simply refuses to, is somehow still a source of ample new online #content. The latest tribute is a Backstreet Boys parody by a group of Swedish crooners who decided to ride the Harambe bandwagon the way Backstreet used to ride a meaty groove.

RandomMakingMovies’ parody starts out shakily, without changing many of the original lyrics, but eventually arrives at the obvious punchline: “Dicks out for Harambe.”The slogan has become tired and overplayed in meme circles, but middle schoolers and college bros still seem to love it.

It also rehashes the old debate, unsettled and unsettleable, about whether the park service should have protected Harambe instead of the human child who fell into his enclosure. America is tired of this. There’s no good answer for an all-around terrible situation, and the longer an online discussion about it goes on, the more likely it will veer into blatant racism.

In Sweden, though, it’s apparently still a fun topic. Throw in a rap interlude capped off by vaping, and you’ve pretty much got the U.S. Internet 2016. This is what the rest of the world thinks of us, America, as we stand here with our dicks and our vapes defiantly out.


So, I’ll be honest with you, and it ain’t no lie: I never wanna hear you say “Dicks out for Harambe.”

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