demon sperm

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So, what exactly is ‘demon sperm’?

The answer involves Trump and a doctor who believes in demon sex.


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Posted on Jul 29, 2020   Updated on Jan 27, 2021, 1:16 pm CST

President Donald Trump’s love of conspiracy theories and theorists may have hit a peak with his new favorite Covid-19 doctor, Stella Immanuel. Not just anti-mask and pro-hydroxychloroquine, Immanuel also believes that alien DNA is regularly used in medical treatments and that dream sex with demons is responsible for gynecological problems. Oh, yeah, and that demons “join you” if you masturbate. The memes practically wrote themselves.

Demon sperm memes

"Somebody get me out of here. #DemonSperm #AlienDNA" image of the narrator from the Twilight Zone saying "imagine with me if you will a world where a doctor believes in demen semen and alien DNA and is taken seriously by millions of Americans"

image of pregnancy test with 666 instead of plus and text "when the condom breaks and your partner is a demon" Caption "2020 is #conservative religious right #Republican hell. Between #covid19 #blmmarxists #antifa and now #demonsemen must feel like a chapter in Revelations"
"This new ad campaign is crazy.  #Hydroxychloroquine #AlienDNA #DemonSperm" image of a pill bottle with the text "Hydroxychloroquine - It won't stop Covid-19 but if you need relief from astral projected Incubus pregnancies and spiritual attack from the Nephilim hybrids... well it won't stop that either. Just wear a mask. Please"
"Demon sperm is the only injectable disinfectant that is recommended by insane quacks and Donald Trump." image of minions in lab coats with text "No worries we are using demon sperm, all kinds of DNA, even alien DNA, to treat people. Covid-19 is no more"

Naturally, the words demon sperm, as well as demon semen, got most of the attention online. The hashtags trended on Twitter after Trump retweeted a video earlier this week that showed Immanuel and other doctors pushing hydroxychloroquine as a Covid-19 treatment. The video was quickly removed from Twitter and other social sites for promoting false information. But that didn’t stop people from making memes about the doctor’s claims.

Image of woman sat moodily a window with text "Do you suffer from astral plane sex with demons? Then maybe hydroxychloroquine is for you"
"So do you insert the #DemonSperm before or after the UV light? And can I mix it directly with the Lysol?" gif of a cheerful devil holding his tail in front of animated flames
image of ancient aliens presenter with text "what causes endometriosis? Demon sperm" caption "Guess this is what I’ve been doing wrong all along!!!!  #endometriosis #endowarrior #demonsperm"

Many people jumped on the obvious zinger that Trump and his children are the results of the so-called demon semen.

"Demon Semen will release their highly anticipated album “Suburban Lifestyle Dream” later this year." image of Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr
Image of Ivanka and Don Jr with caption #DemonSperm
"Here’s proof that #DemonSperm produces demon seeds." image of Trumo and his children
"Demon sperm produced this 👇" eerily lit black and white photo of Trump's three eldest children

One meme posits that Trump is the result of the mingling of demon semen and alien DNA, labelling his mother the alien to his demon father.

"This all makes sense now " image of Trump standing between his mother on the left and father on the right. Alien DNA is written under his mother and demon semen under his father

While another meme suggests asking Melania Trump about the whole issue.

"I'm curious if Stella Immanuel has reached out to MelaniaThinking faceNerd face.... #DemonSperm" creepy photoshop of Trump as a demon with horns and fleshy pointed ears


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*First Published: Jul 29, 2020, 3:45 pm CDT