The ghost called 'Dear David' followed Adam Ellis home to Montana over the holidays.


‘Dear David’ child ghost follows Adam Ellis home for the holidays

Is that chill down your spine from the bomb cyclone or the return of ‘Dear David’?


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Posted on Jan 3, 2018   Updated on May 22, 2021, 6:07 am CDT

The ghost of a dead boy has been haunting New York illustrator Adam Ellis—and freaking out his internet followers—since August, and now “Dear David” has supposedly made an appearance in Montana.

Ellis posted an update on Wednesday, the first since he tweeted photos in December apparently showing the ghost and his freaky hair. Ellis said he went home to Montana to see his family for the holidays, and he expressed relief to be getting away from the child specter who’s been haunting his apartment for months.

“Being home felt safer, and I managed to relax a little bit,” he wrote. He even started some apartment hunting.

But the feeling of peace didn’t last. Ellis said, “after a few days, I started to feel strange again.” He also sensed movement outside his bathroom window, and the next morning he found what looked like tracks in the snow.

Upon closer inspection, he realized what he thought were animal tracks were actually footprints. Tiny human footprints, according to Ellis… that could belong to a boy.

Ellis said the prints trailed off into a ditch. But their presence led to a huge, scary revelation.

David will haunt Ellis no matter where he goes.

Back in New York, Ellis said he tried to keep using an app he had downloaded to capture photos of the ghost. But David apparently learned how to dodge the camera.

What’s worse, Ellis explained, was that the night of Jan. 1 was “particularly bad.” He dreamed that David was lingering near a corner ceiling in his room, his mouth moving “faster than it should be” but unintelligible. Ellis said he felt paralyzed before the ghost swooped down on him.

After catching his breath, Ellis grabbed his phone to see if it had captured any of David’s attack. The photos revealed nothing out of the ordinary—until this:

The dark photo appears to show a child-like figure poised above Ellis’ bed and could reveal that what he thought was a dream happened in physical reality.

Obviously, Ellis and his now-cultish following are freaked the heck out.

 But some skeptics remain unconvinced.

Ellis said he has sought the help of sage and a medium to try to rid himself of the ghost, but nothing has worked. There’s no telling what haunting encounters he’ll describe next.

Meanwhile, follow Ellis’ bone-chilling saga on his Storify or Twitter.

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2018, 6:37 pm CST