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Photo via Naveen Arunachalam

Kill an iconic meme with the official dat boi game

Oh s**t waddup.


April Siese

Internet Culture

Earlier this week, Miles Klee destroyed the ever-loving hell out of the sacred unicycling frog meme known as dat boi. Then he remorselessly celebrated his big kill in a merciless opinion piece.

Offing dat boi was clearly quite the rush for the Daily Dot’s LOL editor. Now, you can experience that same boost of adrenaline with the dat boi game.

Caltech grad and burgeoning coder Naveen Arunachalam came up with the side-scroller game, which has even been endorsed by the official dat boi Facebook page:

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Players try to unicycle their way into meme glory while avoiding little Illuminati eye pyramids. Every jump includes words of encouragement, like “hold up, hold up” and “we dem boys” as dat boi rides down a path with the backing tracks of Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boys” setting the mood.

Dat boi gets three lives. For every death, players hear a cacophonous “oh shit waddup.” Once it’s game over, well…

Arunachalam stresses that this game is a passion project. “I do not plan to monetize the game and the code is open source, so I do not have any issues with content ownership,” he states in an email.

What that means is that any enterprising coder with some free time and meme bloodlust can make this game even more dastardly than it already is. Do your damnedest, Internet.

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