Insurance scam: 0, dash cam: 1

Dashboard cameras are awesome. They can spot anything: plane crashes, meteor showers, giant boulders crushing into unsuspecting cars

Sometimes, they even catch kids trying like hell to turn a little profit through a poorly devised insurance scam—one that, as happened in Taiwan in the video below, truly had no chance of ever successfully going the victim’s way.

Even leaving out the fact that there’s plenty of video evidence absolving the driver in this video of any type of responsibility, the kid hardly put up a fight. 

“Hey kid, I got this dash cam,” you can imagine the elder driver saying. “Go on and try your tricks on another whip.”

Photo via CandidCamAsia/YouTube

Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger reported on YouTube, web culture, and crime for the Daily Dot until 2013, when he joined the Austin Chronicle. Until late 2018, he served as that paper’s news editor and reported on criminal justice and politics.