Daily Fluff: Cat star has no regrets over awkward haircut

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Cat Star Has No Regrets Over Awkward Haircut

Daisy’s close summer crop isn’t universally loved by fans.

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A Persian long-hair named Daisy (known on the Internet as “The Cutest Kitten in the World,” thanks to a photo shoot from her younger days) recently went bold with her choice of stylist.

“She needed a change of pace,” says Mark Meadows, Daisy’s publicist. “Her previous stylist was a little too traditional. It was time to mix it up.”

She went with Stephanie Goldfarb, ranked in Cat Spa magazine as the number one avant-garde beautician for felines.

“Her look is a little…odd, these days,” says Taylor Hogan, the president of Daisy’s fan club, which boasts more than 200,000 members online. “But, we still love her. I just keep reminding myself it will grow back.”

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