Everyone has the same jokes about Cynthia Nixon running for New York governor

Cynthia Nixon, the actress known for playing career-driven Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the Cityannounced Monday she’s running for governor of New York. The internet responded in the only way it knows how—with memes and jokes.

Nixon’s campaign will focus on inequality in New York and public education, but her fans can’t help but focus on the iconic Sex and the City moments that perfectly encompass the mood following her announcement.


And the missed opportunity.

People also reminisced on Samantha Jones’ infamous line about politics.

And all the times they asked themselves, “Which Sex and the City character am I?”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is running for reelection, reportedly with a lead in polls over Nixon, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t worry about the fresh candidate’s cultural influence.

There’s one campaign issue of particular importance to New York’s city dwellers, who are fed up with the decay of public transportation. But is successful cosmopolitan wonder woman Miranda—ahem, Nixon, the hero the Metropolitan Transit Authority needs? Twitter sure hopes so.

Voters have plenty of reason to be weary of celebrities entering the politics ring, but if Nixon’s gubernatorial run is anything like a good episode of Sex and the City, at least we’ll all be learning about ourselves along the way.

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers is the Evening Editor for the Daily Dot, where she covers breaking news, politics, and LGBTQ issues. Her work has appeared in Central Texas publications, including Austin Monthly and San Antonio Magazine, and on NPR.