Dude dresses up as 12-foot-long CVS receipt for Halloween, makes a depressing trip to CVS

CVS Receipt Costume goes to CVS

Screengrab via Jeremy Schneider

Wait until you see the look on the cashier’s face.

You have to admire this man’s creativity, if not the way he chose to spend his Halloween. 

Jeremy Schneider dressed as one of the comically long receipts you receive even when you purchase some gum at CVS. It’s been done before, but Schneider actually made a trip to his local CVS—and his customer code on the receipt actually worked. 

Schneider made the costume based on a receipt he received for a single pack of Altoids. He scanned it into Photoshop, broke it up into 42 individual pieces, then printed and glued them onto pasteboard, taped together with yard sticks. 

The best part isn’t just the look on the cashier’s face. It’s the moment when she hands him another two-foot long receipt for a couple of bags of candy. The circle continues. 

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