PAX attendee dressed as Beetlejuice wants to know if you’re DTF

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The 29-year-old just wanted to “try something crazy” before the Penny Arcade Expo ended.

It must have been a match made in the afterlife, if not heaven.

With time running out at this week’s Penny Arcade Expo, one young man turned to Craigslist to hookup with a gal open-minded enough to “try something weird” and screw a dude dressed like Beetlejuice

The unidentified 29-year-old desperately sought a “clean” woman with a free room and—for bonus points—a costume of her own. Helpfully, he included a photo of himself looking like a cross between Fat Mike of NOFX and the Michael Keaton character whose costume he adopted. 


It is not clear if anyone took up this guy’s offer. However, if a lady did, she can take comfort in knowing that he was only the second-creepiest dude dressed as Beetlejuice recently, after Robin Thicke wore an identical suit for his MTV Video Music Awards performance with Miley Cyrus last week.

Screenshot via movieclips/YouTube

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