Woman pulls her hair out by trying to eat corn off power drill

corn on the cob

Photo via Tim Sackton/Flickr

Do we even need to tell you not to try this?

This article contains graphic material.

There’s such fine line between hilarious and stupid. In fact, if we’re being totally honest with ourselves, they’re sometimes one and the same. 

Take, for example, this man eating corn on the cob using a power drill.

Not the smartest move, but it’s hard not to laugh when that kernel of corn shoots up his nose. It’s also worth noting that the video is entitled “How to eat a corn cob in ten seconds,” but, as many YouTube commenters pointed out, it’s more like “How to spray corn all over your house in 11 seconds”.

Be that as it may, as with so many obviously dangerously foolish challenges, bored citizens of the Internet have decided they should give a whirl. Nothing like finding idiotic new ways to injure yourself, and this girl succeeds in epic fashion, losing a handful of her hair.

What’s strange is that the “friend” running the power drill doesn’t stop it when the hair gets caught. In fact, it’s still rotating at the end of the video. Perhaps the most surprising thing is how messy this isn’t. Considering the amount of hair loss, there’s not really much blood, so if you’re thinking of shaving your head, maybe buy a power drill and save yourself some time?

(For the love of god, please don’t actually try that.)

We even got a follow-up video of this girl being treated for her injuries. It appears she’s going to be fine… and shopping for a lot of hats.

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