CIA spends all day crapping on cute dog that didn’t want to sniff out bombs

As a matter of fact, it’s bad corporate policy to tweet to your 2 million followers about an HR matter. Imagine if you were struggling with your job and, after your company let you go, publicly detailed all your numerous fuck ups.

That’d be wrong, right? Well, apparently, the CIA doesn’t extend that courtesy to dogs.

The Central Intelligence Agency this week just up and tweeted about Lulu, the dog who couldn’t make it through explosive detection school, spending an entire day shitposting about her performance.


Come on, dudes.

Go easy on Lulu.

Now, thanks to being outed, she’ll never have a career in espionage. Fortunately, she’ll have a nice, long retirement “sniffing out rabbits & squirrels in the backyard,” as the CIA put it. Hey, at least it beats being publicly shamed.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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