Ted Cruz and coal

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This Christmas, you can send Ted Cruz a lump of coal

Has Ted Cruz been naughty? Or nice?

Dec 16, 2017, 10:36 am

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Tess Cagle 

Tess Cagle

Texans plan to let Republican Sen. Ted Cruz know that he’s been naughty—not nice—with a stocking full of coal this Christmas.

More than 200 people have RSVP’d to a Facebook event at the Texas State Capitol on Monday, where critics of Cruz plan to carol outside his office and deliver coal, animal dung, and contraceptives to the senator. After dropping off the goods, carolers plan to walk over to Sen. John Cornyn’s office.


The idea was such a popular one that a second event was published on Facebook titled, “How Congress Stole Christmas.”

“It’s never too late to tell our elected officials how we feel, and probably more important now than it’s been all year, with competing heinous versions of tax bills dancing like rotten sugarplums through our nightmares,” event organizers wrote on Facebook. “So join Santa Claus in a visit to Senators Cruz and Cornyn, to let them know why they are getting stockings full of coal for Christmas 2017.”

The events have now combined. Together, they are sponsored by 16 organizations, including Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, the Texas Sierra Club, and Progress Texas.

For those who would like to participate but cannot attend, Progress Texas will send a lump for you.

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*First Published: Dec 16, 2017, 10:36 am