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China reportedly bans searches for ‘Fatty Kim the Third’

There’s an easy workaround.


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

China has a notoriously tight grip on its internet. The country’s Great Firewall cuts off access to Google, Facebook, YouTube, and hundreds of other sites you likely visit daily. And now, Reuters reports China has blocked searches using the term “Fatty Kim The Third,” or “Jin San Pang,”  apparently out of fear of offending the North Korean dictator. 

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry told Reuters that reports of the ban “did not accord with the facts,” adding that China “does not approve of insulting or ridiculing language to address any country’s leader.”

However, according to the New York Post, searches for the phrase “Jin San Pang” on both the popular search network Weibo and search engine Baidu returned no results this week. Previously, as the Guardian notes, Kim Fatty the Third was such a popular phrase that it was suggested in Baidu’s auto-complete form. 

There’s an easy workaround, though. Searches for the alternative nickname “Kim Fat Fat Fat” still apparently populate results. 

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