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‘It has NEVER been this serious’: Customer begs Chick-Fil-A on TikTok to ‘let the children go inside’ after seeing employee wear tent in the rain

'This is absolutely absurd.'


Kahron Spearman

Internet Culture

Published May 17, 2021   Updated May 18, 2021, 9:40 am CDT

A hilarious video from a popular TikToker and drive-thru customer begs Chick-Fil-A to “let the children go inside” after seeing an employee wear a tent in the rain.

It riffs on the oft-joked-about notions of incredible customer service provided by Chick-Fil-A, but what’s seen in this video takes it to another level.

Tre Clements (@treclements) posted the brief video, with the caption: “This is absolutely absurd.”

A Chick-Fil-A employee is shown in the rain, wearing what’s essentially a personal, waterproof tent, explicitly made for taking orders in inclement weather.

“Now Chick-Fil-A; it has never been this serious,” Clements says, with a gobsmacked look and zooming into the visual. “Chick-Fil-A, you know better.”

He continues: “Let the children go inside; this is ridiculous! Chick-Fil-A, why are your employees walking looking like highlighters, walking around looking like neon Tic-Tacs! This is ridiculous!”

The video follows an incident where one location recently found itself “review-bombed” stemming from accusations of racism.

Others, like Clements, have been noticing the tents pop up around the country, taking photos of them.

The tents themselves are called ShieldPods, which are among the various multi-use iterations made by Under the Weather.

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*First Published: May 17, 2021, 12:30 pm CDT