Cool chemistry teacher gives extra credit for Harambe joke

It is scientifically proven that Harambe died for our sins, folks. Just ask redditor SeanShuffle, whose extra credit answer to a chemistry test evoked quite the response from his teacher.

When prompted to “spell a word of four or more letters with elements from the periodic table,” SeanShuffle knew exactly what to do. He went all in on the ape who died.


His teacher did him one better. “You win. Dicks out for Harambe,” the mad scientist wrote, albeit slightly censored because schools tend to look down on that kind of thing. Redditors are calling bullshit, though. Despite SeanShuffle having been an active, verified member of the site for half a decade, his credibility has been called into question.

No one’s denying that Harambe died for our sins. They are denying that this chemistry teacher at a remedial school wants to whip his dick out.

Maybe this educator didn’t put his job on the line for the sake of a tired out internet joke. At least SeanShuffle got extra credit for his efforts. You win. We all win.

April Siese

April Siese

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