Wanted man says he’ll turn himself in if police get 1,000 shares on a Facebook post

After insulting Michigan’s Redford Township Police Department on their Facebook page, a man wanted for outstanding warrants said he would turn himself in (and bring donuts) if the next thing they posted got over 1,000 shares. A challenge the police were happy to accept.

The man, who goes by “Champagne Torino” on Facebook, but whose real name appears to be Michael, has apparently been trolling the police department for some time.

Champagne Torino taunts police Screengrab via Redford Township Police Department/Facebook

After they threatened to block him, Mr. Torino messaged the RTPD, saying not only would he turn himself in, but he would bring donuts and help clean up public schools if their next post was shared 1,000 times.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!Mr. Champagne Torino has issued the RTPD a challenge. As you can see below, if we can have this...

Posted by Redford Township Police Department on Friday, October 6, 2017

The post in question, made by the RTPD on October 6th, has now been shared nearly 4,000 times, much to “Mr. Champagne Torino’s” surprise.

oh my Screengrab via Redford Township Police Department

So far he has yet to turn himself in.

Did he turn himself in Screengrab via Redford Township Police Department

Maybe he’s still picking out donuts? Either way, it’s an amazing incident of life imitating meme.

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David Britton

David Britton

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