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We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of—oh my god, it’s Pikachu!

Now that Pokémon Go has brought augmented reality games into the mainstream, we’re faced with the turbulent process of creating new social norms around them. When and where is it acceptable to catch Pokémon? A new Tumblr suggests one possible answer: not at a freaking funeral, kiddo.

 Selfies at funerals have unfortunately been a thing for some time. In 2013, Jason Feifer launched a Tumblr capturing the nascent phenomenon. But three years later, Feifer finds himself changing with the times: His new Tumblr is called Pokémon at Funerals

Taking a picture of yourself with grandma’s coffin seems incredibly quaint compared to catching a Squirtle on top of it. 

And at least Squirtles are somewhat rare. Imagine catching a wack-ass Pidgey during the celebration of a loved one’s life.

To be fair, the game inadvertently encourages this behavior. Because of the way its landmarks were set up—borrowed from an older game called Ingress—PokéStops and gyms often appear at churches and funeral homes. 

Gotta get those items and free XP! And if a wild Pokémon happens to appear during a tearful family moment, might as well go for that, too. 

Grandma won’t care. She’s dead. 

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