People have feelings about Carrie Fisher’s mention at the Oscars


Green Book won the Oscar for best picture on Sunday, despite numerous controversies surrounding the film. It also picked up the award for best original screenplay, shocking everyone—including presenter Samuel L. Jackson. After the top award of the ceremony was announced, the reactions on social media were swift. Most people were disappointed and annoyed to see another Crash-like film win that over-simplifies race and offers white male saviors.

The closing comment from one of the film’s producers, Charles B. Wessler, really hit a nerve. “I want to dedicate [the award] to our great friend, Carrie Fisher,” he said.

On Twitter, people thought that Fisher wouldn’t have enjoyed this mention—or Green Book.

Several jokes and memes involved Fisher’s ghost being upset.

But one person was supportive of the Green Book producer mentioning Fisher: Her former Star Wars co-star, Mark Hamill.

The upshot is the Oscars did end with everyone thinking about Carrie Fisher. It could have been worse! See the full speech below:


Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly

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