Driver busted in carpool lane with cardboard Trump head as passenger

trump cardboard head carpool

Photo via @wspd2pio/Twitter

Just tremendous carpooling, like you’ve never seen before.

If you’re going to get caught driving in the carpool lane illegally, it probably doesn’t hurt to have someone rich and powerful pleading your case. Unless that person is a Donald Trump. And he’s made of cardboard.

Still, kudos to the cheeky motorist in Auburn, Washington, for this excellent yet failed attempted at cheating the HOV rules.

For the relatively low price of a $136 citation, the guy behind the wheel gave us some pretty great Facebook threads. Oh, and he got to keep his Trump cutout—that’ll come in handy when Halloween rolls around.

If you ask me, the carpool lane is pretty overrated anyway—and it’s definitely not Trump’s style. He’d just drive the whole way on the shoulder.

H/T NBC Washington

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