Pizza in cardboard tray coming from vending machine caption 'and because it was almost $10 and it was the cake boss I had high expectations' (l) Cake Boss pizza vending machine (c) woman hand holding pizza up over cardboard tray caption 'it is a ginormous super dry dough with 2 slices of cheese' (r)


‘Dry and thick’: Cake Boss’ new pizza ATM vending machine offers $10 slices, sparking debate

‘It’s for the drunk people that walk by.’


Cecilia Lenzen

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A Las Vegas blogger is warning people not to fall for the Cake Boss pizza vending machine, which she describes as “a tourist trap.”

The Cake Boss, whose real name is Buddy Valastro, is a renowned Italian baker known for his reality TV show Cake Boss. Valastro runs Carlo’s Bakery, a family-owned bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Pizza Cake, a pizza restaurant in Las Vegas.

Valastro recently unveiled two pizza vending machines at the Linq Hotel in Las Vegas, according to Vital Vegas. The machines are meant to provide fresh, hot, or cold pizzas and offers three varieties: cheese, italiano, and pepperoni.

The Las Vegas blogger posted her review of the pizza ATM on TikTok (@lasvegasblogger), where it garnered more than 280,000 views in less than a day. She says the concept of the vending machines was “innovative” and admits that she had high expectations—because the pizza was $10 per slice and it was a “Cake Boss” product.


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However, the pizza was a disappointment for the blogger. In her video, she shows the slice of pizza she received from the machine and says it was “dry and thick.” She describes the pizza as “a ginormous, super dry dough with two slices of cheese.”

“Sorry, Cake Boss. I like your show, but unfortunately, I had to throw away your pizza because not even the homeless I tried to give it to wanted it,” the blogger says in her video.

In a comment on her video, the blogger clarified that she isn’t trying to bash Cake Boss or his creation but only wants to share her honest opinion.

“I hate doing bad reviews but if it’s really bad, I have to say something just should be clear. This is just my opinion,” the blogger wrote. “Another disclaimer you are not wrong. If you disagree with me, it’s just different points of view.”

Her review received mixed reactions from viewers. Some commenters said they had had different experiences when they tried the vending machines, but others thanked the blogger for the honest feedback.

“Im pregnant and craving pizza. I was going to go to the vending Machine and give it a try … NOPE NOT ANYMORE! Lol thanks for your HONEST review. ,” one viewer commented.

“aw I just seen that and was curious haha good to know,” another viewer commented.

Some TikTokers tried to guess why the blogger’s pizza turned out so bad.

“I wonder if the pizza is preloaded, maybe that’s why it dried out, and they didn’t change the pizza out,” one viewer speculated.

“It’s for the drunk people that walk by,” a second viewer said.

A third wrote, “It’s all industrial material ! Just like the cakes he makes.”

Other viewers said the Cake Boss should stick to cake, not pizza.

The idea may seem novel but it’s a local fixture. As Mashed notes: “Inside his Pizzacake restaurant, customers can order slices of cake from a Carlo’s Bakery ATM. According to Vegas Changes, there are several Carlos Bakeshop ATMs around the Vegas strip.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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