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Bridesmaid crushes wedding toast by rapping a rendition of ‘The Real Slim Shady’

A bridesmaid nailed a remix of Eminem's classic song.


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Published Apr 26, 2017   Updated May 24, 2021, 4:23 pm CDT

It’s hard to remember, but back in 2000, Eminem was one of the most controversial figures in the music industry. People were still up in arms about the song “97 Bonnie and Clyde’ which depicted a father taking his infant daughter on a trip to dispose of the corpse of her mother, who he had murdered. When ‘The Real Slim Shady‘¬†debuted it only added to the controversy. On the track, the rapper disses everyone from Will Smith to Pamela Anderson, and many of the celebrities weren’t thrilled. Christina Aguilera was particularly¬†upset by the claim that she had performed oral sex on Fred Durst and Carson Daly. Chris Kirkpatrick from *NSYNC called him a “bully.”

But time has a way of softening these things. For christ-sakes, Alice Cooper was in a Staples commercial and that guy used to fake his own beheading on stage.

Maybe that’s why, in 2017, a bridesmaid can perform a version of ¬†“The Real Slim Shady” at a wedding reception and everyone is totally cool with it.

Mind you “Slim Katie” did write her own lyrics. No need to talk about Tommy Lee abusing his wife at your friend’s wedding.

As the title suggests, Katie did pretty much kill it, and the whole crowd is blown away by her skills. Although the video is still unlisted on YouTube, it already has over 42,000 views.

In fact, Eminem toasts by bridesmaids have become a thing. In 2013, a bridesmaid went viral with her rendition of ‘Without Me.’

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*First Published: Apr 26, 2017, 2:11 pm CDT