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Photo screencapped via Dean Fisher/YouTube

7-year-old reacts hilariously when he ‘catches’ Santa on hidden camera

It’s the magic of Christmas.


Selena Larson

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Opening presents on Christmas morning is usually enough to excite any seven-year-old, but one young boy wanted a more thrilling holiday experience. Thanks to his family, he ended up catching Santa Claus and the sound of his reindeer on a hidden GoPro camera near the Christmas tree.

The boy’s uncle, Reddit user filmingdrummer, played Santa in this adorable home video. Watching the little boy react to his unexpected guest is sure to make any Grinch’s heart grow three sizes. Complete with reindeer bells, sparkling magic, and just a hint of naughtiness, this video reminds us what it’s like to experience Christmas through a child’s eyes.

According to filmingdrummer, he stayed up until 4 a.m. editing the video and putting it back on the camera so his nephew could watch it on Christmas Day.

“How did we not hear him poof?!” the boy asks. It’s the magic of Christmas, remember?

And don’t worry about this particular child when his family eventually tells him the real story of Santa.

“Knowing my nephew,” filmingdrummer said on Reddit, “It’ll probably be a bit of disappointment followed by ‘Soooo… want to play XBox?’”

Screengrab via Dean Fisher/YouTube

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