Billie Eilish seemingly joins TikTok—and fans can’t get over her username

User @CoochieDestroyer5 has yet to be verified.


Alexandra Samuels

Internet Culture

Billie Eilish has seemingly joined TikTok, her brazen username is making a splash.  

Once a notable TikTok holdout, the 18-year-old made her debut on the video platform this week. While some fans were enthused to see her warped face, many couldn’t help but laugh at her choice of username. 

“So no ones gonna talk abt how billie eilish made her tiktok username coochiedestroyer,” one fan wrote. “is she…….like did she just……..”

The account, under the moniker @CoochieDestroyer5, is not yet verified. Several fans, however, still believe that Eilish is the true culprit. 

So far, there are two videos uploaded to the account: one where she uses the viral timewarp filter to distort her face and another where she fits a ukelele head in her mouth. Both have several million likes and views.

According to Dexerto, the comments are filled with fans and influencers gushing over Eilish’s presence on the app. Beauty guru James Charles wrote, “oh my god lmaooo,” while Cristian Dennis predicted Eilish will “take over the app.”   

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