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TikTok is manifesting with the Beyoncé ‘My Husband’ remix

A Lizzo TikTok inadvertently started the trend.


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

Posted on May 19, 2023

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Beyoncé is currently on the European leg of her highly anticipated Renaissance Tour, and you can likely watch a whole deconstructed concert on TikTok. But a remix that’s not in her set (yet) is also dominating TikTok right now.

The sound

On April 10, the account @casadimusic posted a track titled “Beyonce x My Husband x Casa Di Remix,” which now has more than 8.7 million views. In the clip, Beyoncé says, “I am on to see my husband. I’m happy, I’m happy, to see my husband,” over a beat.

@casadimusic Replying to @casadimusic Beyonce My Husband – I am on to see my husband. I'm happy. #beyonce #myhusband #beyhive #remix ♬ Beyonce x My Husband x Casa Di Remix – CasaDi

The song has since been used in more than 297,000 TikToks, with some people using the original clip but putting their own caption over it. But more people, like Emily Ratajkowski, used it to show, not tell.

@emrata Picking out a husband at #F1 #miami ♬ Beyonce x My Husband x Casa Di Remix – CasaDi
@c_kurowski Nothing getting between that dipole-dipole attraction! #chemistry #chem #STEM #AP ♬ Beyonce x My Husband x Casa Di Remix – CasaDi

And since it’s wedding season, creators are using it for that as well. Boot Girls, the Atlanta entrepreneurs helping take boots off people’s cars in Georgia, also elevated the track.

@bootgirlsinbuckhead #bootgirlsinbuckhead #atlanta #fyp ♬ Beyonce x My Husband x Casa Di Remix – CasaDi

Where’s it from?

Carl Dixon is the producer behind the remix-heavy @casadimusic, which has more than 164,000 followers. He also did the viral “bombastic side eyeremix.

He tells the Daily Dot that seeing Lizzo and Jack Black use the sound (without the beat) in an April 6 TikTok promoting The Mandalorian convinced him that “Beyoncé’s cadence and tone would make for a catchy song.”

Dixon says that, for the beat, “We wanted to keep it in that retro ’80s lane that served as the main inspiration for Beyoncé on her Renaissance album.” Dixon and co-producer Steve Terrell recently released the full track on YouTube, and Dixon previously produced some viral hits in the Vine era.

The black-and-white footage of Beyoncé is from a behind-the-scenes video for 2009 single “Video Phone,” which featured Lady Gaga. In the longer clip, Beyoncé is talking about how great the shoot was as she’s leaving, and how she’s happy to be seeing her husband, Jay Z.

Sound off

Dixon says some labels have reached out about the song—he can’t reveal which—”but we’re hoping that Beyoncé’s team at Parkwood Entertainment reaches out and maybe would want to make it an official song,” as something similar happened with DJ Esentrik’s “Cuff It” remix.

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*First Published: May 19, 2023, 8:22 am CDT

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