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Ben Shapiro can’t handle the lyrics to ‘WAP’

He calls Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit ‘very very vulgar’.


David Covucci

Internet Culture

The good men of the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro’s conservative news site, are struggling to process Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new hit song, “Wet Ass Pussy.”

On Friday, the two rappers dropped “Wet Ass Pussy” (WAP) to online acclaim. But conservative bloggers are up in arms that two women would openly discuss their sexual mores in extremely graphic nature.

“The number one song in the world right now explicitly celebrates whorishness, degradation, and objectification, and the people who spend most of their day decrying ‘problematic messages’ fail to see any problem here. We are a civilization overrun by soulless morons and hypocrites,” Matt Walsh wrote in a tweet.

Then there’s Shapiro, who decided to read some of the lyrics out loud on his show after being upset that the mainstream media praised the song.

Shapiro took particular issue with media outlets calling the song “empowering.” He seemed particularly upset that he couldn’t call the song degrading to women because women wrote it.

In the video, Shapiro kept refusing to say “pussy,” instead calling it “Wet ass P-Word,” which delighted just about everyone.

After the clip, recorded by Media Matters’ Jason Campbell, ends, Shapiro goes on to say that he thinks “wet pussy” is a “serious gynecological condition” and that he asked his wife to explain it to him.


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